About Us

Motorcycle Riding's Cool was founded in 2001.  This is the school that started it all! Motorcycle Riding's Cool is the original private motorcycle training facility in Illinois. Since then, we have trained thousands of riders.  Motorcycle Riding's Cool is also the only private school in the City of Chicago that is recognized and endorsed by The Motorcycle Safety Foundation. MSF is the standard in motorcycle training in the United States, as well as other parts of the world. Their research-based curriculum is the only one of its kind.

Our instructors are all MSF certified RiderCoaches. They are also licensed through the State of Illinois as Driver Training Instructors.You can learn more about our instructors and read their bios here.  They are required to pursue continuing education in order to keep their MSF certification.  They must also agree to work according to a Professional Code of Conduct authored by the MSF.  You are assured the highest level of professional training at our facility.  
Since starting Motorcycle Riding's Cool, many have followed in our footsteps.  There are many other "schools"  for training but few with the credentials that we have earned.  

Motorcycle Riding's Cool is a family-owned business operated by the husband and wife team of Jude and Naomi.  

Our season runs from the beginning of April to the end of October each year.

Machines and Helmets

All of our training motorcycles and scooters are required to pass an IDOT safety inspection every year. Our machines vary in size, and seat height, in order to accommodate a variety of riders. Motorcycle Riding's Cool furnishes full face helmets for all students. Full face helmets offer the most protection, covering the chin, nose, and eyes. 


Our classroom/office space is located in Chicago's Elston Avenue Industrial District.  Our enclosed paved riding range, which is located near the United Center, spans over 400 feet long and can accommodate up to 10 riders at a time. It is equipped with restroom facilities, and is conveniently located near a variety of restaurants and cafes.


About You:

Our students come from all walks of life and reflect the diversity of riders that make up the motorcycling community as well as the diversity of the city.  Our students are an informed group who exercise due diligence when making a decision about their safety.  They know that not all training programs are the same.  They aren't looking for the quickest way to get their license or the cheapest way to get trained.  They know that quick and cheap aren't good recipes for quality.  Each year we get "graduates" of these other programs who come to us after completing another program only to find they weren't properly trained.  After coming to us, they start to learn what they missed and begin gaining the confidence needed to enjoy this sport for a long time.  Our mission is to teach you to ride on and on. 

Available courses: