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Jude is Motorcycle Riding's Cool's Lead Instructor and co-owner of the school with his wife and business partner, Naomi.

Jude was formally a faculty member and administrator at Loyola University Chicago.  His mission now is to shape Motorcycle Riding's Cool into a learning community of the highest caliber.  

 Jude has been a motorcyclist for almost 30 years and a RiderCoach since  2005.  In that time, he has trained thousands of new riders. He teaches the BRC, BRC 2 and maintenance courses.  He is a dedicated safety professional who has served as a subject matter expert in cases involving motorcycle crashes.  He is also the owner and Lead Instructor of CARRY312, a firearm safety program he started in 2014.  

Before taking over Motorcycle Riding's Cool, he served many of the communities of Chicago as a social worker.




Jeff Jeff

 Jeff is Motorcycle Riding's Cool's Sr. Instructor.  He has been a certified MSF RiderCoach since  2005 and an avid motorcyclist for almost 30 years.  In addition to teaching the Basic RiderCourse, he also teaches the Basic RiderCourse 2 and assists in training new RiderCoaches at the school.

 Jeff is a Chicago Firefighter. He can be seen from time to time on the TV show, Chicago Fire.  We're pretty sure the characters Kelly Severide and Christopher Herrmann are based on Jeff.  Jeff is a Marine as well.  El Jefe will start a fire burning in your soul for motorcycles but he will also tend to it...because that's what he does.

Jeff is also an avid teacher and trainer of martial arts and thai boxing.  








Juan is a RiderCoach who learned how to ride at Motorcycle Riding's Cool!  He fell in love with the sport of riding and the culture of the school.  Always interested in giving back, he has been an MSF RiderCoach since 2010.  He has gone through a few bikes since we've known him.  At the moment he rides a tricked out Bonneville.  

When not teaching for Motorcycle Riding's Cool, he is a high school English teacher here in the city.  He is a great teacher because he is a dedicated student.  He coaches high school sports and gets out to the race track with his bike as often as he can.  He is an accomplished guitar player, but not much of a singer.  But talk to him about it when you are on the range with him.   





There was a time in her life when Naomi swore she would never get on a bike. Now she is co-owner of Motorcycle Riding's Cool. Her mind was changed after meeting Jude and then learning to ride.  She started on a scooter and quickly moved on to cruisers and sport bikes.  She has been an MSF RiderCoach since 2012.  

Naomi was trained to ride at Motorcycle Riding's Cool and has been riding for 13 years.  Can you request that Naomi be your RiderCoach?  Call us and we'll consider it.

 Naomi is also a licensed clinical social worker.  






Moses has been a RiderCoach since 2010.  He has done all of his instructing at Motorcycle Riding's Cool.  He teaches the Basic RiderCourse, the Basic RiderCourse2 and motorcycle maintenance.  He was in the powersports industry prior to becoming a RiderCoach.  He worked in sales at a motorcycle dealership and has a wealth of information about how to negotiate the purchase of new or used bike.  But he really wants to encourage you to get on a track and get your knee down.  No surprise, he rides a Yamaha R6.

Moses is a professional educator with CPS.  He teaches high school math.  He is also a nationally ranked racquetball player.  He's says it's easy because its all about angles and equations.  




__________________________________________________________________________________________________David David                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   David joined the team at Motorcycle Riding's Cool a couple season back.  He had been teaching for the State MSF program as well at Harley Davidson's training program.  He comes to us with a  tremendous amount of experience and energy for our students.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Woody is a professor of philosophy.  He currently teaches classes at Triton College but has been  on faculty at many areas universities and colleges in his career.  He can be head on occasion  quoting the Bhagavad Gita as a way to really help you understand the benefits of countersteering.







 Nick is a freshly minted RiderCoach but a long-time rider.  he decided to pursue the rigors of  training to become certified by the MSF because he loves a challenge.  Its not for every rider but  Nick isn't every rider.  He is a law enforcement officer dedicated to public safety.  He is calm under  pressure and that's what you want when you are learning this for the first time.  

 Nick is also back in school as a student himself.  He is working toward a graduate degree.  He  hopes to continue training for us for a long time, so do we.



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