Motorcycle Riding's Cool offers M Licensing to Illinois residents who complete the Basic RiderCourse with us.  All students may test up to three times in a calendar year as long as their M permit is valid, (re-tests will not be given on the same day).

Test Day Tips

To help ensure your highest likelihood of success on test day, we’ve compiled the following tips for you to keep in mind before, during, and after taking your licensing exam: 


  • Be sure to bring your permit and driver’s license – you cannot test without these two forms of identification.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before – and be sure to eat breakfast. 
  • Please call our office if you sign up and are unable to attend. Note: this does not apply to rain-out test dates. 
  • Relax! Too much mental or physical tension will make it much harder to perform. 


  • Licensing exams are administered by the Illinois Secretary of State. The examiners are not affiliated with Motorcycle Riding's Cool. All scoring and pass/fail decisions are final, and at the sole discretion of the state examiner.
  • Plan to arrive to the Elston DMV at 8:00am (unless noted otherwise). An instructor will arrive by 8:30am. Plan to stay until at least 11:00am.  You may finish sooner than this, but various conditions sometimes push back the end time. Remember: the test will only take you 5-10 minutes – however, the wait time is caused by examiner availability.
  • Testing will be cancelled if there is any rain – even a light sprinkling. The pavement at the testing range must be completely dry in order for testing to take place. This is a requirement mandated by the Illinois Secretary of State. 


  • If you pass, update your license while you are at the DMV.  
  • If you do not pass, contact the office for private test prep instruction, if interested or re-schedule online for a future testing date.