Testimonials from Motorcycle Riding'sCool students:

"My training experience at Motorcycle Riding's Cool was valuable in that it taught the importance of safety gear, proper braking, turning, swerving, road positioning, shifting, predicting road conditions, adjusting for response time and riding in rainy weather. The staff was cool, informative and provided practical solutions to overcoming my unfamiliarity with a bike. The classes were about substance over style. I highly recommend this school."


"I can't think of a better investment than Motorcycle Riding's Cool's classes. I took the intro course last year and walked away with great safety skills, confidence when riding, and new riding pals. I would recommend this class to anyone thinking about getting on a motorcycle. Now that I have my own bike, I'll be coming back for the maintenance and advanced courses."


"Motorcycle Riding’s Cool set up this 50 plus year old guy really well. Wanting to ride for years, I attended classes in June ’11. Got terrific instruction, passed the state licensing riding test with 0 points deducted, and went on to ride over 800 safe miles before winter shut me down. The training from the class prepared me very well for the streets. I have recommended the Motorcycle Riding’s Cool team to several friends who are interested in learning to ride. Truly a first class operation. THANKS!"


"I took the motorcycle beginners course in May 2011. I loved the small amount of students in the class because it allowed the instructors to provide some one-on-one attention. The instructors really motivated me and help me feel as if I could handle my bike, even though I was initially afraid of it. The instructors taught safety,motorcycle maneuvers, and motorcycle maintenance.

I brought my first motorcycle (Harley Davidson Sportster - 1200) 2 weeks after I received my training certificate and M license from Motorcycle Riding's Cool. The convenience of taking my M license test with the school and the use of their bikes was very convenient. Without the help from the course I would have never gotten a motorcycle or felt comfortable enough to get on one. I totally recommend taking the beginners course before riding a motorcycle for the first time.

I greatly appreciate everyone and everything that I learned from Motorcycle Riding's Cool."


Test Craig

"After riding a scooter for two years, I decided it was finally time to step up to the big leagues. I did some online research and ended up choosing Motorcycle Riding's Cool to teach me the ropes. I had a really great time learning to ride, I never felt unsafe and I met some other like minded people along the way. The instructors are clearly well versed in riding, but are also uniquely diverse in their experiences. I had three instructors, who can best be described by the bikes they ride; Harley, Ducati, BMW. It sort of says it all, but you'll get it once you meet them. The lessons are really invaluable, the safety tricks as well as riding tips really help out. When it came time to taking my test (which I chose to take on location) I passed without dropping a single point. I was pretty happy about that. I rewarded myself with a Ducati Monster 1100 Evo a few days later, and a week after that I took a trip from Chicago to Cleveland and back over the following weekend. What a fun ride!

These guys are great, and if you're considering riding...do it."


Test Christie

"Having signed up for your classes was one of the best decisions I have made. It had been my dream to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly and I can honestly say that you guys helped make that dream come true. Not only did your classes teach me how to get going on a motorcycle, but i also learned how to be a smart rider. I am still amazed how in those two days I was able to learn so much. I was able to pass the State test easily and was on the road in no time. My motorcycle is now my preferred method of transportation."


"I had absolutely the best experience at Motorcycle Riding's Cool. At 67, I decided that I just had to learn a new skill and settled on learning how to ride a motorcycle.....just the right balance of skill, fun and new knowledge. I proceeded to purchase my Russian-made Ural (the New York Times called it, "Easy Rider/the Golden Years"). The school provided book learning and practical experience and I was able to get my license on the second try. I also took their really informative Winterize Your Bike Workshop. Now I just can't wait until spring!"


Test April

"I never thought I would have enough patience to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Not only did I have it but so did my instructors. Jeff and Pete were AWESOME!. They encouraged me every step of the way and pushed me to do my best. My dad who has been riding for 35+ years was even impressed with my skills, especially my turns! ;) This class will change your life! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"


Test Jc

"I write to thank you with every fiber of my being for such a fantastic basic rider course experience. I also want to thank Peter and Jeff, specifically, for their excellent teaching and coaching. The fact that their entire class (Chuck, Patrick and I) got perfect scores on our driving tests yesterday is testament to their outstanding skills and positive attitude. Thanks again."


Test Mark

"I took the Basic course with Motorcycle Riding's Cool over the summer of 2011 and had an amazing experience! I'd never been on a motorcycle before and what the instructors taught us gave me the confidence to become a daily rider. The course was fun, the instructors were great, and I'd recommend MRS to anyone."


Test Mark

"For years I have been intrigued by motorcycles, and wanted to learn to ride one but never got around to it. Last summer, I bit the bullet and enrolled in the Basic Rider Course, and once I first sat on the seat of the Yamaha TW in class, I was hooked! The class was long, and more exhausting than I imagined, and strained muscles I never knew existed, but it was strong. The course not only taught me how to ride a motorcycle, but how to anticipate hazards on the road, deal with troublesome situations that may arise, and even how to be a safer non-motorycle driver. A few weeks after the class I got my first motorcycle, a 1996 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE, and thanks to Motorcycle Riding's Cool, I feel confident on the open road. I truly cannot say enough good things about this course, and recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning to ride, and ride safely."


Test Mark

"I wanted to send you a pic from my adventures riding motorbikes on my trip in Southeast Asia, and also to thank you. The skills you taught me in class are probably the only reason I survived on those roads. It was truly an amazing experience riding over there and I definitely want to look in to getting my own bike at some point. Thanks again!"


Test Mark

"I wouldn't be riding a motorcycle today without the classes offered by Motorcycle Riding's Cool. The instructors at Motorcycle Riding's Cool are wonderfully friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable. I learned a ton, easily passed the license exam, and now feel a part of the Motorcycle Riding's Cool family. Look forward to taking another class in the future to keep my skills sharp!"


"When I originally started to think about taking motorcycle lessons, my choice was simple. I knew about the great reputation Motorcycle Riding's Cool held. I immediately felt comfortable even after I dropped the bike on myself the first time and said, "oh lord I can't do this." The instructors were right there first to make sure I wasn't injured and second to encourage me to get back on the bike and shake it off!! Riding my bike on the busy streets of Chicago, I feel aware and confident after the knowledge I gained at Motorcycle Riding's Cool. They are awesome. LOVE those guys! I highly recommend them to anyone!!!"


Test Mark

"I was scared to even sit on a dirt bike; after Motorcycle Riding's Cool I now ride a 500cc with confidence and am riding at a level I would never have gotten to without my instructors at Motorcycle Riding's Cool. It was worth the time and effort and I would encourage every rider to go through school before they start riding."


Test Andy

"Motorcycle Riding's Cool not only taught me the fundamentals of riding in a safe and fun environment, but better prepared me to learn advanced techniques. I recommend them to anyone that's never been on a bike and people looking to improve upon their skills."


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