M Licensing Exam

M Licensing Exam

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Students who successfully complete the Basic RiderCourse at Motorcycle Riding's Cool have the option of taking the M Licensing Exam off-site at the Elston DMV for an additional fee of $65.  Students use a bike and helmet provided by Motorcycle Riding's Cool to test.

The Elston DMV is located at 5401 N. Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630.  The DMV opens at 8:30am.  Please plan to arrive at 8:00am to make the process as quick as possible.  Plan to stay until at least noon, although it is possible that you may finish earlier or perhaps later depending on how busy it is at the DMV. 

Remember to bring your M permit and driver's license to the DMV.  

If it is raining or the ground is wet, the examiner may cancel testing.