Motorcycle Maintenance Course

Motorcycle Maintenance Course

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This 3-hour course is a hands-on lesson in how to keep your bike running optimally. Bring your bike and we’ll show you how to work on it.  The instructor will guide you through the necessary upkeep that all motorcyclists should know. 

Motorcycle Maintenance is geared toward what you want to accomplish on your bike. There is an overview of how the engine works and the importance of regular service to your machine.

You will learn how to: 

  • change your oil and filter
  • remove and read your spark plugs
  • access and clean or replace your air filter
  • change brake pads
  • bleed brakes
  • make any adjustments needed for a better fit and ride. 

We have all the tools you need to do the work but you should bring replacement fluids and parts for the tasks you want to learn.

We recommend bringing:

  • Your bike
  • Oil and Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Air Filter
  • Brake Pads (only disc brakes will be changed; drum brakes will not be changed
  • Brake Fluid (DOT 3 or DOT 4)
  • Motorcycle Owner's Manual

Maintenance location:

1628 W. Madison Street, Chicago, 60612